Just how did the concept of the “ Voice  After  Life”  go from a vision to a reality? 

My name is Mike Bialecki  and I am the inventor of the  Voice  After  Life.

Growing up in the town of Elma, New York   I like many other young boys in the church became an altar boy at Annuciation Church. I assisted the local priest, Father Langle in restoring the graveyard headstones. He would have me dig up the damaged headstones where they would be cemented and replaced in an upright  position .It was here that my passion for restoring graveyards developed.

As a young man in the Boy Scouts of America,  I attained the rank of Eagle Scout My brother and I chose to restore and refurbish an old cemetery that the town had allowed to fall into disrepair. Later in life,my son Joshua also earned Eagle Scout honors by completely restoring a cemetery that had fallen into disrepair and all of us beamed with pride when the community pitched in and turned what was once an eyesore into a beautiful final resting place. In the process of restoring the old cemetery, I couldn’t help but notice the older headstones were totally falling apart,slightly askew,or cracked or totally destroyed. Sometimes there was no tombstone or headstone that reflected the identity of the dearly departed and to me, these people deserved better. One  Scout insured that all of the names on the headstones were legible while another made benches and realigned headstones where they were crooked ; nonetheless,it was tedious but well worth the effort! My friends and I beamed with pride for we had saved the town over $40,000 dollars.

As I grew older, I often spent time in that cemetery lying on the neatly manicured cemetery grass and wondered how marvelous it would be if the cemetery could somehow talk to me.To me, each headstone was  a story and some of these headstones were hundreds of years old yet their stories remained a mystery. Wouldn’t it be marvelous to somehow just push a button  on the headstone and instantly listen to their story? Some stories would no doubt be sad and some tragic but others might reflect triumph and happiness in their  life and I wanted to hear all of it .Who were these people? Where did they come from?

As I reflected even further, I  realized that after I died, I too, could end up buried and as forgotten as the headstones that were strew about the cemetery, But what if there was a way that I and everyone else could just push a button and tell his or her story…. there is a way and it’s called the Voice after Life.